Jun 14, 2022 • 13M

What Is Reality?

An Exploration of Virtual Reality

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Learn About the Future - Today! If-What-If examines the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Disruption, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and the Metaverse.
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This podcast, "What Is Reality?" is a combination of two of our videos, "What Is Reality?" and "Who Am I?" The videos are available on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.   

What Is Reality? Go Beyond Reality Into Virtual Reality!
What Is Real? A whole new definition of reality is on the horizon. This video will help you understand Virtual Reality - VR, Virtual Worlds (VW), and Immersion. Understand how VR mimics the Real World.

The Metaverse currently has over Ten Billion Dollars invested, which goes up daily.

Who Am I?
This podcast chapter explains some positive aspects of Virtual Reality and the dangers of an "immersive experience."

Metaverse - Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Worlds (VW),  Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR) are all terms to help understand how we can move beyond the limits of our own reality. Redefine Your Reality.

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