Jul 7, 2022 • 1HR 0M

The Frankenstein Hypothesis - AI & The Thought, Intelligence & Consciousness Dilemma

Confronting the Implications & Ramifications of Artificial Intelligence

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The Frankenstein Hypothesis - AI & The Thought, Intelligence & Consciousness Dilemma
Confronting the Implications & Ramifications of Artificial Intelligence

Hang on to your seats!
This podcast is a deep dive into the understanding of Thought & Thinking, Intelligence, and Consciousness, as it applies to AI.
At If What If we promise you a wealth of information!   

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated all areas of society. Creating the correct constructs and algorithms within AI has become the ‘holy grail,’ guiding our decisions and rapidly overtaking every aspect of our lives. 

  • How do we define ‘thought?’ 

  • At what point is ‘intelligence’ presumed? 

  • When do we consider something ‘conscious?’ 

  • Is it possible to acquire consciousness? 

 The paradox of the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ seems absurd. An undisputed classification of ‘intelligence’ does not exist. ‘Thought-Thinking’ similarly does not have a universally accepted definition. How, then, without definitively characterizing these terms, are we expected to comprehend what AI means? When and where do we apply our technological capacities to achieve AI? 

As AI grows in potential, ‘consciousness’ becomes a crucial designation. How to define if an entity is conscious has become paramount. We are swiftly reaching a point where society will be forced to decide when and where thinking, intelligence, and possibly consciousness are fundamental components of non-human objects.

For thousands of years, philosophers have attempted to define the ontological problem of ‘existence’ and ‘being,’ which is intrinsically connected to ‘thought,’ ‘intelligence,’ and ‘consciousness.’ However, the ‘thought-intelligence-consciousness’ quandary is not only ontological in composition but also lies at the heart of where AI is progressing. 

“The Frankenstein Hypothesis: Confronting the Implications & Ramifications of Artificial Intelligence” explores the dilemmas posed by AI. 

  • How is AI Evolving? 

  • What does the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ imply in an age where we can no longer control the exponential growth of AI? 

This article examines these fundamental questions offering an analysis of AI development, leading to humankind’s ultimate necessity to acknowledge and cope with the potential monster/benefactor looming in the background.

All these questions and more,  are what this podcast, "The Frankenstein Hypothesis" is about.

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00:00:00 Abstract & Introduction

00:05:04 Can machines think?

00:09:06 I Think, Therefore I Am

00:11:31 What Is Called Thinking?

00:14:37 The Turing Test & The Chinese room

00:19:26 Imagination Encircles The World

00:22:11 Summoning the Demon

00:26:51 The Rewards of AI

00:28:41 The Thought-Intelligence-Consciousness Dilemma

00:33:19 The Frankenstein Hypothesis

00:45:24 Gazing into the Abyss

00:50:23 A New Type of Thinking Is Essential

00:57:10 Conclusion