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Split Personalities In Virtual Reality

Split Personalities In Virtual Reality

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In this short podcast, we are going to tackle a difficult and indeed, personal subject within virtual reality - Split Personalities In Virtual Reality.

The companion podcast to Split Personalities is "What Is Reality?", which is a combination of two of our videos, "What Is Reality?" and "Who Am I?", and we strongly urge you to listen to that podcast as it lays the groundwork for Split Personalities. (Available here on Substack, or your favorite podcast directory on the
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"What Is Reality?", "Who Am I?", and "Split Personalities" are available as individual videos on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Split Personalities In Virtual Reality

An individual who maintains multiple avatars or alts may be doing so for perfectly legitimate purposes. For instance, in business, you may need alts to represent the business online. Or you may require them for designing purposes or in role-playing scenarios.     

However, there can be a high price to pay upon the individual psyche, and upon those avatars, with whom the alt of the original avatar maintains friendships when the purpose of maintaining multiple personalities is not so benign. 

Metaverse - Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Worlds (VW), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR) are all terms to help understand how we can move beyond the limits of our own reality. Redefine Your Reality.

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If What If Newsletter - AI, VR & The Metaverse
If What If Podcast - AI, VR, AR, XR & the Metaverse
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