Jul 10, 2022 • 39M

Chaos, Complexity, Emergence & Singularity - Part 1 (of 2): Chaos & Complexity

Hiding In Plain Sight Behind Artificial Intelligence

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Chaos, Complexity, Emergence & The Technological Singularity
Hiding In Plain Sight Behind Artificial Intelligence

The podcast discusses the progression from ‘chaos theory’ to ‘complexity theory’ to ‘emergence’ and finally the technological singularity.

It is divided into two parts.
This is Part One, which deals with Chaos Theory and Complexity Theory.

The two-part series examines such questions as: 

  • How do chaos and complexity lead to emergent systems which will inevitably lead to a technological singularity? 

  • How does the endless loop of AI progress as it emanates outward, comes to confluence, and emanates yet again? 

  • What does each phase entail? 

  • How does our advance towards exponential growth in data affect the progression of AI?

  • What are the risks as we move towards emergence? 

  • Finally, why must we exercise extreme caution as we come closer to technological singularity?

Here, we will be explaining the progression of chaos, complexity, emergence, and the possible technological singularity, under the overall terminology, of "Emanating Confluence." 
This podcast is connected to our podcasts on "Information Theory," "Bias," and "The Frankenstein Hypothesis," though it does assume any prior knowledge. However, to get the entire picture, please listen to them as well.  
As with our podcasts on Information Theory, Bias,  and the Frankenstein Hypothesis,  you will need your thinking cap on!
If you are not familiar with these AI subjects, it may help to follow this order in our podcasts:

  1. Information Theory - An Introduction

  2. Bias - The Achilles Heel Of Data

  3. The Frankenstein Hypothesis - AI & The Thought, Intelligence & Consciousness Dilemma

  4. Chaos, Complexity, Emergence & Singularity - Part 1: Chaos & Complexity

  5. Chaos, Complexity, Emergence & Singularity - Part 2: Emergence & Singularity

Chapters in this Podcast:

00:00:00 Introduction

00:05:25 Chaos Theory

00:24:26 Complexity Theory

00:35:48 Part One - Summary & Conclusion

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