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Information Theory - An Introduction

Information Theory - An Introduction

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In this podcast,  If-What-If approaches and deals with An Introduction to Information Theory. Understanding Information Theory is crucial to AI & Big Data.

Information Theory - An Introduction

  • Did you ever wonder what information really is?  

  • Or how is data,  which is our term for information,  transferred with such accuracy and high speeds?  

  • How does your Zoom or FaceTime work?  How do they relay images,  and sound,  in bits and bytes? 

  • Are you a programmer or data scientist,  who knows the technology stack perfectly,  but has no idea of the actual theories,  which lay behind what you are doing? 

  • Indeed,  what exactly are bits?  

  • Where does that name come from?  

  • What does it really refer to? 

All these questions and more,  are what this podcast on Information Theory is about.

A transcript of this podcast is available for free, on Substack in 2 parts. Boolean & Information Theory, and Entropy, where you can sign up for our newsletter.

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If What If Newsletter - AI, VR & The Metaverse
If What If Podcast - AI, VR, AR, XR & the Metaverse
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