Jun 22, 2022 • 33M

The 9 Pillars Of The Metaverse Series - Part Two: Immersion

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The 9 Pillars Of The Metaverse Series - Part Two: Immersion
The Definitive Series on Understanding the Metaverse & Virtual Worlds

There is so much confusion about Virtual Reality and the Metaverse. At If-What-If, (IWI), we are producing an educational video and podcast series, on the Metaverse and Virtual Worlds.

"The 9 Pillars Of The Metaverse" series explains the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and Virtual Worlds to the public.

This podcast is Part Two of "The 9 Pillars Of The Metaverse," the definitive series on the metaverse and virtual reality. In it, we explain the terms Immersion and Immersive Technologies. What does "Immersion" actually refer to and how do we go about achieving it.

  • What are immersion and immersive technology?

  • What does one require to experience immersion?

  • Are all those images on the Web, featuring huge headsets and gloves, a must-have in order to experience immersion?

  • What is the cost to use it?

  • Is Immersion psychologically healthy for you?

  • Will it affect your real life?

  • Are there any legal or ethical problems involved with immersion?

  • Is Immersion limited to Virtual Worlds and games, or can it be used elsewhere?

Metaverse - Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Worlds (VW), Augmented Reality (AR), Extended Reality (XR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are all terms to help understand how we can move beyond the limits of our reality. The series will continue on a weekly to 10-day basis, dealing with "The Nine Pillars of the Metaverse." 

  1. Limitless

  2. Perpetual

  3. Immersion

  4. Social Identity

  5. Anonymity

  6. Privacy

  7. Economics

  8. Digital Currencies (including NFTs)

  9. No Central Authority (decentralization)

Listed Chapters if they don't appear in your Podcast directory, are as follows:

  1. 0:00 Introduction to Immersion & IWI

  2. 2:28 The 9 Pillars of the Metaverse Series

  3. 4:48 What is Immersion?

  4. 8:00 The Five Senses

  5. 18:09 "Presence" - What Does It Mean?

  6. 20:01 "Immersive Endorphins"

  7. 25:15 Psychological & Legal Ramifications of Immersion

  8. 27:14 Immersion in Other Systems

  9. 27:56 The Costs & Advances of Immersion

  10. 30:02 Summary & Conclusion

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