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If What If (IWI) are Strategic Consultants in AI & VR. We offer consulting and implementation services in AI Architecture, & we excel at combining the Metaverse, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), & Extended Reality (XR) with AI. We are Futurists and believe AI coupled with the Metaverse is one of the next great frontiers. If What If is very proactive in publishing articles, posts, podcasts, and movies on AI & VR subjects

Do you want to understand all the hype about the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality? Do you want to dig deep into Artificial Intelligence and all of its sub-categories, Innovation, Disruption, and many other technological subjects?

Are you tired of reading the “5 Ways to Become an AI Expert?’ Or perhaps you realize that using buzzwords doesn’t make you look intelligent?

The If-What-If Newsletter will always educate and inform in terminology that you can understand. We will never throw out buzzwords, without explaining exactly what they mean and refer to. If-What-If will demystify those concepts and technologies that often confuse and bewilder many readers. And we will never promise you that you can become an expert in 5 or 8 or 10 steps!

From time to time we will also publish articles on data, predictive analytics, ethics, and some whimsical articles as well.

One thing we do promise you. We will keep you informed, educated, and entertained. Going from the serious to the wacky!

You can find us @ If-What-If  LinkedIn  Medium Substack Facebook Twitter YouTube Vimeo

Our Videos on VR are especially informative! And stay tuned for our new Podcast!

About If-What-If

“If-What-If” offers clients our consulting expertise in various inter-connected disciplines. We save our client's time and funds during their innovative technological journey. “If-What-If” are experts at applying Cloud Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data systems & Predictive Analytics. As AI, Big-Data & Backend Architects, “If-What-If” will help startups and established companies configure a precise technology stack. Our goal is to save our clients’ funds and frustration, even during their POC or MVP stage. We work professionally and with integrity in all that we do.

“If-What-If” projects include building modern and secure APIs so that your clients can access the data they need when they require it.

The founder of “If-What-If” has also worked for years in Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) and offers a host of capabilities within VR worlds such as Second Life (which is currently growing) as well as entry into the Metaverse.

“If-What-If” understands the methods of Innovation & Disruption. We also deal with the very heart of AI – Chaos Theory, Complexity Theory, and Emergence. These topics and theories are critical in the AI space, and we can offer seminars and teach their correct application. The better your executives, programmers, and data scientists understand these factors; then the more superior your products will be.

“If-What-If” also operates independently in the field of AI, building a system that concentrates upon the “Sentiment Analysis & Emotion Recognition” along with Predictive Data Analytics.

We would love for you to reach out to us. “If-What-If” wants to lead you into the future—today!

Contact us at info@ifwhatif.com

You can find us @ If-What-If  LinkedIn  Medium Substack Facebook Twitter YouTube Vimeo

Our Videos on VR are especially informative! And stay tuned for our new Podcast!

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Ted Gross is Co-Founder & CEO of “If-What-If.” Ted served as a CTO & VP of R&D for many years with expertise in database technology concentrating on NoSQL systems, NodeJS, MongoDB, Encryption, AI, Disruption, Chaos & Complexity Theory, and VR/AR.